A voting system that works for everyone

We need a voting system that works for all Ohioans. From working parents who struggle with long voting lines, far-away polling places and no time off work to vote, to people who frequently move for jobs or military service, there are common sense changes we can make in Ohio to ensure every eligible Ohioan can have their voice heard on election day.

We envision a voting system that will:

  • Ensure military service members and overseas citizens receive their ballots in time for their votes to count;
  • Ensure voters with disabilities have equal access to the ballot box;
  • Keep voter rolls up to date by automatically registering eligible citizens to vote when doing business with the BMV, unless they opt-out;
  • Allow eligible citizens to register and vote at polling locations during early voting and on Election Day;
  • Ensure voting locations are open on the two weekends before Election Day;
  • Modernize our elections by allowing voters to register to vote and cast a ballot beginning the 28th day before an election and continuing through Election Day; and
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of elections by auditing election results.